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It's a lovely day for a hike!

Join avid hill walkers Cecil, Catriona and Jayne as they head off piste on a local hiking trail. Equipped with a map, a compass, a rope and a flask of tea these intrepid adventurers traverse the craggy landscape taking the audience on a journey of precipitous drops and sheer facades! Expect steep terrain, boggy ground and breath-taking views! But will they reach the summit before they lose daylight?

Roving street theatre

It's a lovely day for a hike! is a roving street theatre show that invites the audience to join in the fun.

It is a celebration of the Great Outdoors suitable for all the family.

Comfortable shoes recommended!

Duration 30 mins.

Hikers logbook.JPG


This show will brighten up any festival or event - Urban or rural. National or International.

It's about freedom, nature, connection, our ability to get through hard times and the importance of laughter.

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