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Remnants Show


is a moving and powerful presentation on the theme of displacement.

Using soundscape and movement it tells a visually spectacular and enthralling tale of three characters whose lives have been disrupted and who find themselves alone and homeless.


Turas Theatre Collective take the audience on a compelling journey that interweaves the characters pasts with their hope for the future in a beautifully choreographed performance.

Technical specifications

'Remnants' is a site specific street show that works well in unusual indoor and outdoor spaces; car parks, railway and bus stations, beneath bridges

and viaducts, in desolate urban and rural landscapes.

It is a small scale touring street theatre show with

3 performers.


Performance area 5m x 4m (minimum).

10 mins pre amble (performers walk with audience to site specific location)

30 mins show duration

Non verbal


Advisory viewing age 10+

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